Monday, July 7, 2008

Me, Chuck, and Daisuke

I may have finally lost it. Somehow, Ciera convinced me to take her, Rakes, Trot, AND her friend Alexia to Chuck E. Cheese today. I'm firmly convinced that place is designed to turn people into raging alcoholics or the Priesthood, one or the other.

'Cause after you leave, you feel like you have to make a decision. From the seemingly endless supply of yelling, screaming children to the incessant bells and whistles of the video games, to Chuck and his band of renown playing what possibly could be the worst songs EVER, the place makes you decide which fork in the road you need to take. Did I mention you need a shamee to wipe the grease from the pizza off your hands? That stuff could be classified as a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Trot and the Chuckster taking a ride.

Rakes playing skee ball. I guess you could call it that; it was more like Extreme Wiffle Ball, with Rakes throwing the ball like some side armed pitcher with his knuckles scraping the top of the game. Thankfully, we only had 4 balls bounce off the plastic shield and nobody was killed.

Which I consider a positive development.

After 3 hours that seemed like 3 days, we left with no broken bones and nobody needing stitches. Sometimes you've just got to look a bit for that silver lining.

Back in Boston, Daisuke pitched his tail off, leaving with 2 on, 0 out in the 8th inning with the score 0-0. Somehow Okajmer got out of it; I don't know how, as I spent the entire inning hiding under the chair in front of the computer and chanting "Please don't let them score" over and over again.

Bottom of the 8th, Pedie leads off with a double, JD moves him to third, and Manny hits a single to RF to score the wee one. And I feel bad for even doubting the outcome; I blame that 3 game sweep in Tampa.

1-0 Red Sox, and Dirty Water is playing at Fenway right now, thanks to a perfect inning from The Papelbot.

I gotta say. Going to bed after a win makes for a good nights sleep.


Tex said...

Rakes doesnt like wearing shoes does he?

Can we play the rest of the season at Fenway?

Ted D said...

Good observation, Tex. No, he doesn't. And believe me, my OCD was in hyperdrive with him running around that germ hole with no shoes on.

And I think RSN needs to email Uncle Bud and request the Sox get to play all 162 at home.

Seems fair.

Tex said...

Im surprised you didnt make him wear plastic baggies around his feet. AND NOT its NOT a good idea although Rakes would think it was cool.

im grounded from watching games till i see otherwise

Ted D said...

I thought about it. But Trot is the only one putting his feet in his mouth these days, so I figured I was good.

Your nowatchingthegamemojo worked tonight. Keep it going tomorrow, you hear?

Tex said...

whatever i can do for the team. as long as i can still post on sg and enjoy the wins. im good

Ted D said...

You are a true fan, Texas.

I, for one, appreciate the sacrifice.

Now, when are you coming to visit?

Tree Newt said...

Bro, I'm not crazy enough to take my ONE girl to Chucks! You are certifiable, indeed!

But you realize that, since the Sox won, you have to repeat the process every day?

Exactly like you did today.

Down to the grease on the chamois (that's how you spell it, dink).


Tex said...

OH YAH. TREENUT is right. YOU have to take all 4 kids to Chuckie Cheese AGAIN. :) heh

as far as the visit, im waiting on the outcome of a decision...then I can make my plans

Ted D said...

Newt, spell check said it was OK. Besides, it's 10:37 at night and you suck as a fact checker. ;)

And if it means the boys winning the AL East again, I'll face Chuck and his minions every day of the week. And you need to grow a set and take my favorite niece to Chuck's place. Coward.

Tex, just let me know. We'll leave the light on for you.

Edge of Design said...

I'm thinking you had fun but are too cool to mention it. :)

Ted D said...

Edge, I had a blast! Those 3 running around for 3 hours? I just couldn't do it more than a couple of times a year.

Crystal said...

So glad to see Dice-K, Oki, and the Bot pitch so well! Great pic of Paps, love his shirt!

Kids put their feet in their mouth? Madness.

Ted D said...

Me too, Crystal.

And if it's just feet you're lucky. ;)

Beth said...

Skee Ball!! Did you jump in the Ball Pit?

Ted D said...

Beth, thankfully they removed that germ pit a few years ago. Every time Ciera or Rakes jumped in, I broke out in hives. ;)

Krystle said...

Oh come on. The ball pit isn't the germ pit....well, okay =].

I never went to Chuckie Cheese as a kid and yet I'm somewhat fine.

Are you showing Tek some love on your site I see, good guy - good guy =].

Ted D said...

Hey Krystle. That ball pit is nasty, and you're better off NOT ever having gone!

Hope you're enjoying the summer before you head off to college.

Krystle said...

Yes, I am. Trying to find MORE student loans (long story short - we applied for the WRONG loan, need credit for the loan my dad applied me for and now after them waiting to tell me until the 4th of July when my bill is due the 1st of August, it's really a beautiful thing...) I'm hopefully all set with it now to pay the bill then I can relax.

Ted D said...

Nothing like giving you plenty of time, right? Hate that for you, but it sounds like you've got things under control now? Hope so anyways. All you need is more stress heading to your freshman year in college.

Krystle said...

Well I applied today for some loans and should hear from them tomorrow, hopefully. I've been living off of loan sites for the past few days.

Ted D said...

PV's on the loan search, Krystle. I hate you're having to deal with this so close to the semester starting.