Friday, July 25, 2008

I think God wants me to die young.

I'm pretty sure Mikey would have kneed him in the Gibleys if he knew he wouldn't get suspended until the Election in November. Mr. Freaking Magoo would have called the pitch Scenic was rung up on a ball.

Meh. That's baseball and one my favorite things about the game I love is you get another chance tomorrow; it's Pettitte vs Wake, and my money is on the guy with the beer belly and the 65 mph Knuckleball.

Losing to the MFY's is bad enough; to lose 1-0 is pure torture, but like Bruce says Better days are coming. And Joba running one up around Youk's chin deserves some payback; Bob Gibson would have already hit Slappy, Jeter, and thrown one into the dugout trying to drill Girardi by now. Tito is old school enough for me to take comfort in the fact that payback is coming, whether it's tomorrow, Sunday, or even in September. This Joba/Youkilis nonsense has a receipt coming one way or another.

To get rid of the Yankee's winning, I downloaded my pictures saved in the camera. What better way to put the pain of a MFY win at Fenway behind me than this:

Rakes, his Teddy Bear, and Wally, heading off to sleep.

Sort of puts it all in perspective, you know?

Although Wally wants to see one in Slappy's ear hole as well.

He really carries a grudge.


Sarah said...

It frustrates me TO NO END that Josh Beckett has a 9-7 record. Last year we scored all KINDS of runs when he was on the mound; this year we don't give him any help! How many one run games has he lost? And don't even get me STARTED on the home plate ump tonight. Nothing makes me more upset than to see an ump make a call (or multiple calls, as he did) to change the course of the game. The PLAYERS should decide the outcome, not the UMPS.

In other news, I have a GREAT story from last night in which I told off a guy at karaoke (I sing every week at a bar in town). It's not exactly PG-13 (strong language), but it's still funny as hell and it involves baseball loyalties. Pretty sure everyone in this town knows where my loyalties lie.

Ted D said...

Sarah, I agree 100% with you. Beckett did his job last night and still got the loss; I've gotta give Joba his due. He pitched well and the boys just didn't take advantage when they had the chance. Old Man River goes today and I'll take him over Pettitte any day of the week.

I'd love to hear your story from the karaoke bar, but I can't access your blog. But anything involving baseball loyalties and some smack talk is right in my wheel house!

Sarah said...

You can't access it because I don't have one. But perhaps I can email it to you, using the "strong language", and you can use your creative capacities to make it slightly more appropriate, haha. But yeah, as my friend said, "Way to throw down!"... and he wasn't even there, haha.

Tex said...

uhm who is sarah? Ted...just a word of advice to not give out email to those you dont know. :) everyone is not as nice as me.

last night did not happen.
Im just sayin

Krystle said...

Oh that game last night. You know, that strike never even showed on the K zone thing that NESN has. It made me laugh seeing Lowell going on fire though. I have to agree with Sarah, I much rather see a Lugo error deciding the game more than an ump and that's a VERY sad comparsion.

Todays my moms work outting. That means free food, free mini golf, free whatever. But most of all? FREE ICE CREAM! After the game last night, I can def. have some of that. Oh and even better, no Buck and McCarver for me today.

I'll be getting text updates - so maybe all the team needs is for not to watch games now either...

Tree Newt said...

Bro, I watched the last couple of innings at a diner in Times Square. My waiter looked just like Slappy, although he was cooler. He came up to me and said "You're a sox fan aren't you?".

See, I'm representing.

But the loss sucks. We right the ship tonight.

Tex said...

Newt's in the City??? WooooHOOOO

Sarah said...

To answer Tex's question... my name is Sarah, I was born and raised in Worcester, MA (an hour outside Boston), and I've been watching Red Sox games since April of 1984. I don't doubt that my father held my head up to watch games before I was able to do so on my own. I'm a true fan, a forever fan, and I currently live in Indiana, where no one understands my obsession with this baseball team. Nice to meet you :)

Anyway, as for my story...
So I sing karaoke once a week at a bar in town. All of the regulars there know that I am a psycho Sox fan, and I get harassed about it all the time. However, on Thursday night, the ribbing went a bit too far, and so I let the guy have it. I will keep this PG-13 for you and your loyal readers.

Guy: Go Rays! (Keep in mind in the last four weeks, I have seen this guy wear a Blue Jays hat, a Cubs hat, the Jays hat again, and a Braves hat - what the heck?)
Me: The Rays suck. (I was on the mic, so my part of the conversation could be heard by all bar patrons - this becomes important later.)
Guy: Go Yankees!
Me: The Yankees suck MORE!

At this point, there is some discussion in the audience as to who sucks on the Yankees, how many, etc, and it's rather comical. However, then the guy called me a rather nasty name, and that's not OK. I retorted, "Listen, you can make fun of my baseball team ALL you want. But do NOT call me a *bleeping* [insert bad name here]."

And the crowd erupted - including that guy and his friends! It was glorious, I have to say.

The moral of the story? I'm a New England chick, damn proud of it, and I am not one to mess with. Do so, and I will make you feel about *this* big. :)

Redbeard76 said...

Woohoo Sarah! Great story... welcome to the Twilight Zone, errr... Rakes' playground.

Tex said...

\\The moral of the story? I'm a New England chick, damn proud of it, and I am not one to mess with. Do so, and I will make you feel about *this* big.//

Sarah, I think we're twins separated by states.

Hi my name is Tex aka Donna. Ted's my adopted lil brother and I'm abit over protective. Honestly...I absolutely LOVE your story and would have loved to been there to back you up.

Ted, Sarah's good. :)

Crystal said...

Rakes' shirt is BOMB. Love it.

I can't even talk about the last two games. I'm too pissed off.

Redbeard76 said...

Yup, that's the general consensus Crystal. And do you mean 'the bomb', or is it just 'bomb' these days? I can't keep up with you kids! ;)

Ted D said...

Krystle, sounds like a fun day. You can't beat free ice cream! And it sounds like you and I missed a ugly game, so maybe it was for the best!

Newt, I REALLY hope you broke out with a Yankees Suck chant while eating; at least the waiter sounds normal.

Tex, Newt is indeed in the city that never sleeps; although I imagine he's been out for a few hours now.

Sarah, that story is AWESOME! Are you sure you and my adopted sis weren't seperated at birth?

Redbeard, Rakes playground is right; it's his world. I'm just living in it.

Tex, I figured you'd like Sarah. Can't quite put my finger on why..... ;)

Crys, it's a LONG season. Every dog has his day; we'll get 'em tomorrow. And yes, I'm chugging TUMS as I type this, Redbeard.

Tex said...

sounds and looks like the D's and B's had a fun day. im headed to the hay.

Sarah said...

Glad I won everyone's approval here... I suppose I'll keep reading the blog! :)

Ted D said...

Tex, we all had a blast. And can't wait to do it again.

Sarah, I appreciate you reading; Tex is just a tad overprotective of me, but the feeling is mutual!

Thanks for reading and commenting and welcome to the select circle of 6 who actually read this train wreck!